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Speaking Corporate Mental Health

Imagine the positive impact of coaching your employees about mental health issues and creating an environment of inclusivity, advocacy and understanding which can only drive positive results in the workplace.
~ Babita Spinelli
I work with leadership to eliminate the stigma around corporate mental health issues in their companies through customized wellness programs for their departments or across business lines.
My workshops or speaking engagements educate employees on corporate mental health issues and how they impact daily life in the workplace, at home, and during interactions with others. Supporting the instructional piece are hands-on learning exercises to provide guidance on communication techniques to employ when discussing mental health issues, as well as positive coping skills that can be used to alleviate stress in any situation. I combine my corporate background and clinical experience to speak to employees on a variety of mental health topics such as:
  • The most common causes and impact of stress and anxiety
  • Red Flags of Burn-out
  • Building stress resilience
  • Negative and positive coping skills
  • Positive mindset and what a difference it can make
  • The symptoms of depression, grief, and guilt
  • Recognizing crisis and what to do


A lot of people don’t even realize how big of a deal it is. But mental health issues in the workplace are more relevant than many people come to believe. Stress and anxiety are the biggest factors in this. Have you been feeling burnt out due to your workload? Or lost all of your motivation to even pursue your job field any longer? These are common stages of mental health slipping. My goal is to help you achieve a happy and healthy mindset so that you go to work every day renewed and excited again about what you are doing. It is through a healthy mindset that you set to achieve things that promote good habits. This workshop is important not only for the people receiving help but to also create awareness. When you go through your day it’s hard to always envision what other people are going through and this workshop is a perfect way to serve as a reminder that you never really know. Not only can this help people become more aware of the situation but it can help everyone come together and recognize and solve the issue together. This can also prevent practicing negative coping skills that can be detrimental to your mental and physical health as well as corporate mental health.
To schedule Babita to speak at your organization, please use our Book A Speaker Form.

To schedule Babita to speak at your organization, please use our Book A Speaker Form.

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