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New Parents or Parents To Be Coaching

Parent Coaching Services

You’ve made it through the pregnancy (or at least most of it), and now your life has changed in ways you might never have expected. If you’re like a lot of new parents, that feels both wonderful and terrifying at the same time! As fulfilling as it is, what often isn’t expressed is that becoming a parent can leave you feeling exhausted, isolated, and overwhelmed. You might think it’s supposed to be the most magical time of your life and question your parenting abilities and even your feelings when you find yourself struggling. This is why you should have Parent Coaching Services!

Adding a new tiny member to your family expands your heart and your home with love. It can also be one of the most stressful life transitions you and your partner will face. Even the healthiest relationships are challenged as couples try to figure out how to transform from two carefree adults to mommy and daddy!

Does this sound familiar? Every routine you’ve created in your life together is suddenly thrown for a loop. The baby’s schedule becomes your schedule and sleep is something you will never take for granted again. You and your partner might find that you can’t agree on how to do certain things for the baby.

My New Parent Coaching program is unique because it was designed specifically for people like you – new parents who want to prepare or are trying to successfully navigate all the life changes that happen when your baby is born. As a certified bringing baby home coach and Licensed Psychotherapist, I integrate techniques from the Bringing Baby Home program ( a successful GOTTMAN program) and my clinical experience working with many couples to help you and your partner learn how to be the best parenting team possible to your little one while also maintaining a loving realtionship.

Become A Connected Parent Unit

New Parent Coaching is a supportive, but action-oriented coaching process to help you and your partner learn how to work together as parents and stay connected in your relationship.  It incorporates helpful tools so you both can connect, communicate and thrive regardless of all the changes taking place in your lives. It’s common for new parents to succumb to the stress of a baby and turn the smallest disagreements into major arguments.  I have worked with many couples who have felt like you to help get them on track as new parents. Through this coaching program you will:

  • Learn helpful tools to improve communication and turn toward each other
  • Identify ways you can continue to build intimacy and connection together after baby
  • Develop coping skills to manage the stressors that come with parenting a newborn
  • Explore ways you both can maintain your family’s values under stress
  • Discuss differences in parenting styles and find the healthy options for your family
  • Create a tool oriented action plan to keep you both grounded as parents and work together consistently

We Are In This Together

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