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Media Contact & Press Kit

Press Kit

Babita’s official bios are below and can be used for any press coverage. For her complete CV click here.

Short Bio

Babita Spinelli, LP, JD is a renown Psychotherapist and Certified Coach. She provides an empowering space for clients to explore what holds them back while challenging them to make changes to reach their goals. Babita works with individuals who are experiencing significant life transitions and couples looking to improve or rebuild their relationship. Additionally, she has a strong focus on work-life balance and mental health in the workplace. Babita was the recipient of the 2019 New York Psychotherapist Award, featured as the top ten leading women entrepreneurs in New Jersey and is frequently featured in the media internationally as an expert. She is a Certified Gottman Level 2 Therapist, Relationship Expert, Divorce Coach and Parent Coordinator. Her therapy and coaching programs are offered virtually throughout the country and internationally. Learn more about Babita on her websites, Embrace coaching and Opening the Doors Psychotherapy

Long Bio

Babita Spinelli is the CEO of Opening the Doors Psychotherapy and Embrace Coaching, where she provides a space for clients to explore what holds them back while challenging them to make changes to help them reach their goals. She has spent her life helping others, first as a lawyer and now as a Certified Coach and Psychotherapist. Babita knows what it’s like to struggle and to thrive. Whether battling anxiety, grief, loss divorce, or career challenge, Babita is armed with an array of tools to help her clients process, recover and transform.

Babita works with individuals who are experiencing significant life transitions and couples looking to improve or rebuild their relationship. She also brings her corporate background and experience to partner with executives and leaders who recognize the benefits of a holistic approach to navigate the unique challenges they face in the workplace, in their personal lives, and in their relationships. Additionally, Babita often supports corporate executives and their teams to address mental health in the workplace, focusing on improving work-life balance, health and healing during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Her areas of expertise include trauma and post traumatic growth, divorce recovery, collaborative divorce coaching, co-parenting, high-conflict couples, narcissistic abuse, infidelity support and recovery, and therapy/coaching for executives, corporate teams and human resource departments.

Recognizing that one size never fits all, and that people are ever evolving, Babita uses a vast array of tools, approaches and methodologies to deliver results. She is a trained psychoanalyst, and is certified in EMDR (Level 1 and Level 2) and Gottman (Level1, Level 2, and Bringing Baby Home), Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, and Collaborative Divorce. She is also a certified coach through Coach Alliance Training.

Babita was the 2019 recipient of New York Psychotherapist Award and was named a top leading women entrepreneur in New Jersey in 2020.  Her therapy and coaching services are virtual and provided globally.

Approved Images

These approved images can be used for any press coverage (photographer credit must be included).

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Babita Spinelli consults with national and international media outlets as an expert on couples & relationships, mental health in the workplace, psychology, general mental health, and other relevant topics. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Couples & Relationships
    • Marriage & Relationships
    • Infidelity & Recovery
    • High-Conflict Couples, Marriages, & Parental Arrangements
    • Family Dynamics
    • Divorce & Divorce Recovery
    • Narcissistic Partners
    • Narcissistic Parents
    • Co-Parenting, Single Parenting, & Blended Families
    • Multi-Cultural or Bi-Racial Couples
    • Toxic Relationships
    • Dating & Relationship Issues
    • Domestic Violence
  • Work & Career
    • Mental Health in the Workplace
    • Work-Life Balance
    • Stress Management
    • Narcissism in the Workplace
    • Midlife Career Change/Career Transitions
    • Work Burn-Out
  • General Mental Health
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Trauma, including Survivors of Sexual Abuse
    • Grief & Loss
    • Emotional Health
    • Burn-Out
    • Racism & Unconscious Bias
    • Narcissism & Narcissistic Abuse
    • Identity & Otherness

Babita’s recent quotes/featured in include Oprah Magazine (link), MindBodyGreen (link, link, link), MSN (link), Bloomberg Businessweek (link), Romper (link, link, link, link, link, link, link), The Healthy (link, link), The Muse (link), Best Life (link, link, link), Insider (link, link, link), Architectural Digest (link), Brentwood Home (link, link) and Her Agenda (link).

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