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Babita’s speaking workshops in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} range from addressing large audiences to corporate workshops and talks in more intimate and private settings. Popular Topics can be found here. For corporate events and conferences on mental health, read here. Babita tailors her talks to accommodate the needs of her audience or goals of the organization. Learn more about her speaking workshops:

Popular Talks And Speaking Workshops

Employee Stress & Burnout

Burn out and stress in today’s society revolves around a culture of go-go-go… Productivity has begun to supersede self-care and rarely does one give time to recuperate and rejuvenate. This 2-hour presentation/workshop focuses on tools to help with stress and burn-out. Included are grounding techniques, mindfulness, selfcare and boundaries.

  • Identify daily and weekly self-care habits you can use that will help you decrease your stress
  • Learn new coping skills, like setting boundaries and limits
  • Deepen your sense of mindfulness and learn how it can help you stay calm during the chaos
  • Build new grounding techniques to help you cope when your anxiety increases
  • Learn and Practice self-soothing techniques

The act of taking care of ourselves seems to be a lost art these days, and your nervous system is paying the price. Come join me in this 2-hour speaking workshops in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} customized to the workplace or in a personal group.

Find Your Passion and Purpose

Are You Interested In:

  • Gaining more clarity about your life purpose
  • Tapping into what brings you joy and happiness
  • Living life with passion and purpose
  • Understanding changes you would like to create to get you moving forward; and
  • Sharing with other women in a supportive, open environment

Join me and take out two hours for yourself to explore your life’s purpose. Disengage from normal routines and do something different that gets you closer to your authentic self! When we align our choices and actions with our joys, we are closer to who we are and live our life with purpose.

This is an interactive group workshop bringing together individuals who are interested in tapping into what brings them joy and passion. So, bring yourself, a notepad and get ready to connect to an authentic place while enjoying some laughs!

Gottman Institute Couples Workshop – Bringing Baby Home

By prioritizing your relationship right now, you and your partner set the foundation for a strong and aligned parenting unit for your child. Come join me and learn ways you can make your relationship thrive during parenthood.

The Bringing Baby Home workshop is a 2-day Gottman Institute program designed to help facilitate the transition into parenthood. In this workshop, you and your partner will:

  • Build valuable skills to help you become the best parenting team possible
  • Stay connected regardless of the stressors that can come with being new parents
  • Identify ways and gain actionable tools that will strengthen your bond as a couple and as parents
  • Learn how to build an “emotional bank account” with your partner
  • Gain effective communication techniques to decrease stress and increase support from each other
  • Increase your ability to problem-solve and troubleshoot… together!
  • Preserve a sense of intimacy and connection in your relationship
  • Create shared meaning and values together, and develop rituals of connection

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