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Life Transitions Coaching

Transition periods are great times to look at what you have, determine what you no longer need, and let go of the clutter.
~ Angela Ploete

You Didn’t Expect It

Have you suddenly found yourself facing a change you did not expect? Or…perhaps it is a change you knew was going to happen, but now that it has, it’s so much more difficult and confusing than you ever thought it would be. Our life transition coaching service might be right for you.

Change can be hard. It can be overwhelming. But change can also be an opportunity to find clarity, create new possibilities, and move your life in a direction you would not have imagined if the transition had not happened.

Successfully Navigate Life Changes

They say that the only constant in life is change and wow, is that true. Life Transitions Coaching is designed to support you through whatever major life change you are facing right now. In our work together, during my life transition coaching services, I act as your sounding board, thought partner, cheerleader, and devil’s advocate as we co-create a plan of action to help you get through and thrive in the midst of this major life transition.

As your Life Transitions Coach, we will work together to:

  • Identify any challenges or barriers that are making the transition difficult for you
  • Learn to let go of what you are leaving behind and lean in to where your future is headed
  • Create an ideal vision of what you want your new life to look like
  • Identify the tools and resources you need to create the new life you want to have
  • Develop the coping skills necessary to thrive in your new life
  • Challenge and rewrite any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success in this life change
  • Co-create a road map or plan of action that will lead you to the life you envision for yourself

How Does Our Life Transition Coaching Services Work?

I’m a certified coach, former Wall Street executive, and Psychotherapist in private practice, so trust me when I say I’ve been through a lot of transitions in my life. And, I bring to my coaching the totality of my expertise and all that I have learned through my own major life changes.

My coaching approach is structured and goal-oriented, but also tailored to meet your needs and specific issues during this big life change. I cheer for you while simultaneously encouraging you to expand your comfort zone to help you to achieve your desired results.

Some of my clients and I have successfully tackled the following major life transitions:

  • A new job or a big career change
  • A divorce or the end of a relationship (link to divorce page)
  • A big move to a new city or state
  • A big move to a new country and the transition to an Expat (link to Expat page)
  • The transition into parenthood (link to parenting page)
  • The transition to an empty nester (link to empty nester page)
  • Embarking on a new passion project
  • The loss of something or someone you love

Are you facing a big life change? I encourage you to consider Life Transitions Coaching. The most successful people in life don’t do it alone and you don’t have to either. Connect with me today and let’s get started!

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