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Leadership Consulting

Leadership Consulting Services For Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups & Visionaries

A Business Mentor, Coach & Trusted Advisor All In One

I offer Leadership Consulting to CEOs, Executive Teams, Business Visionaries and Start-Ups to provide an impartial and non-judgmental perspective on challenges that arise in successfully leading an organization. My years of experience in both the corporate world and as the Founder/Owner of renowned therapy and coaching practices, I utilize that knowledge to act as a strategic thought-partner, trusted advisor, sounding board, and confidante to you and for your business.

What I know to be true is that being a business leader can be isolating and lonely. You have difficult decisions to make and no one to confide in.

When you work with me, you can focus on a variety of individual and organizational needs, such as:

  • Developing leadership skills that support mental health in the workplace
  • Establishing a strong leadership vision and identity
  • Creating a healthy and supportive work environment
  • Developing a corporate culture that embraces inclusive policies and thoughtful practices
  • Gaining more clarity on how personal behaviors can impact employees
  • Positive and healthy dynamics between employees
  • Initiatives in the workplace to address mental health issues
  • Creating collaborative partnerships on the Executive Team

I bring new ideas, a fresh perspective, an unbiased and objective evaluation to help you address acute/crisis problems that have recently arisen, as well as long-term, chronic challenges you’ve struggled with for years.

My consultation services are different than therapy or one-on-one coaching. In this relationship, consultation can be short or long term. It is especially helpful for working on a specific issue, topic or developing a long-term concrete plan.

To make it easy for my clients, I offer private consultation services by phone or skype to executives and other business leaders nationally and internationally.

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