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Helping Empty Nesters and the Newly-Retired Redefine Their Sense of Self

You have walked away from your career to raise your children who have done what children do – grow up! Or – You are still working, but suddenly it is just you or you and your husband feeling the emptiness of your home. You are struck with “What now?” “How is this supposed to look?” Time just flew by and here I am.” You are suddenly stuck by how huge this life transition is for you or in your relationship.

You may have friends who are excited by this change and there may be a part of you who also has a list of what you want to do and accomplish! Then again, maybe you don’t and want to or do and do not know how or where to begin. You may also feel overwhelmed without your usual work and/or family routines and feel something in your life is missing. Perhaps you are struggling to find a sense of purpose, a new social circle, or a plan for what you’d like your life to look like one year from now.

I get it and understanding these feelings have inspired me to develop a coaching package just for you! The great news is you get to write this next chapter of your life.

What Is Coaching for Empty Nesters and Retirement?

Coaching for empty nesters and retirement is a goal-oriented coaching process that helps you define and design exactly what you want this phase of your life to look like. Together, we will sort through any fears or sense of loss you might have, delve in to connect, or reconnect you to your passions and create a new life plan for you to follow. For more information on who Babita is, check out our Facebook.


Through a collaborative coaching process you will:

  • Discover what makes you excited about the future, if you don’t already know!
  • Define, or redefine, your purpose and sense of self after parenthood or your career
  • Establish a new identity, define who you are apart from your prior obligations and what you want to do with this new-found freedom
  • Identify your life goals to support your new life plan
  • Feel supported to take new risks and accomplish what might seem insurmountable
  • Explore your current relationships and how they support your new life plan
  • Discover and develop new social circles that support your interests
  • Reconnect with your partner and rediscover the passion between you
  • Create an action plan to guide you and help you thrive

You Get to Choose

Now is the time for you to focus on yourself, your interests, and your passions. If you’re looking to create a plan or find support to help you embrace this new phase of life, let’s talk. I am excited to work with you! Click the button below to connect with me!

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