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Expat Transitions Coaching

The Decision

Living abroad can be an incredible experience. How fun is it to drive along the Italian countryside just because you can, traipse along the beach because it’s there, or hit the famous food markets of Thailand for lunch every day? Yes, being an Expat can provide a world full of adventures… and, it might also leave you feeling a little lonely, empty, or unfulfilled. Why is that?

If you consider yourself an Expat (or soon-to-be Expat), chances are you’ve lived the majority of your life in a particular country. You established your identity, your career, your hobbies, and your friends. You are now about to or have uprooted yourself and your life. You’ve probably had to let go of so much that is familiar and may be trying to adjust or find balance for you, but also for your relationship or your family.

You might also find yourself struggling to “fit in” with the culture in the country you now call home. Maybe you can’t quite get the hang of social norms or you don’t understand the values and priorities of the locals. Or perhaps, you want to embrace the country’s way of living and you can’t figure out how to do that!

So what do you do now? Well, it’s time for you to stop living in confusion or chaos and start living with intention and clarity. It’s time to decide who you want to be, create your new identity, and cultivate your ideal sense of self for your new life. And that’s what I’m here for.

My Approach

Although I am based in the United States, I travel frequently and work with clients all over the world either in person, via phone, Skype or zoom. As a former expat, I recall of the emotions and challenges I experienced. I also know that those feelings, obstacles and challenges can be worked through and result in making the move a fulfilling opportunity. This is why I find myself passionate about supporting and working with expats in their own unique journey! My coaching for expats approach is goal oriented, but my coaching style combines my psychotherapy background and is about creating a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to help my clients feel unstuck, more empowered and ultimately fulfilled. I will not only support you, but also provide the coping tools in this big life transition and help you define and design your new life. As a coach, I bring expertise, experience as an expat and perspective to make this change a fulfilling and successful opportunity. When we work together, you and I will focus on your strengths and the innate talents you have that make you feel fulfilled, and figure out how to maximize them in the country you’re now living in. We will focus on things like what makes you happy, your decision to move and how to find your niche in this new world.


Our Work Together

Through coaching, I will support you and help you to:

  • Explore your feelings and move forward from fears or self-limiting beliefs
  • Identify host culture values and navigate integration
  • Clarify what is important to you in this stage of life
  • Define, or redefine, your purpose while living abroad
  • Identify your life goals to support your happiness and fulfillment after this life change
  • Develop the tools to easily navigate the challenges of living abroad
  • Feel supported to take new risks and accomplish what might seem scary or insurmountable
  • Explore your current relationships and the role they play in your life abroad
  • Discover new social circles and develop new relationships that support your interests
  • Create an action plan to guide you and help you thrive while you’re living abroad
  • Create a “home” in your new location

Let’s flourish in Expat Transition

Living abroad can open a new world of possibilities once we work through our own process. It can be the time to focus on yourself, your interests, and your passions to figure out how to leverage them in your new life. If you’re looking to create a plan or find support to help you embrace this impactful change, contact me today. Click the button below to set up a consultation session and begin your journey with a supportive thought partner!

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