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Couples Coaching for Connection, Communication, & Intimacy

Does this sound familiar? You met your partner and things were wonderful – you were so connected, so in-tune… so in love. And then one day, you realized that you weren’t quite as in sync as you had been. You might wonder how this disconnection happened. Did it develop recently or has there been this “distance” for a while?

You Have Become Stuck

Maybe you have been with your partner for a while (or not) and your communication has gone down (and the conflict between you has gone up). Or perhaps you are both so pre-occupied with work, kids, school, or other family, that you are having a hard time being present for each other. Or maybe things have changed recently and you are looking to co-create a new life plan together…

You Do Not Want To Give Up

Whatever the reason may be, experiencing times of distance, disconnection, or even discontent can be a normal part of the ebb and flow of a relationship. If you want to decrease the emotional distance, build more connection, improve your communication, and develop more intimacy with your partner, you are in the right place and I am thrilled you want to take the first step to making positive changes in your relationship.

But How Do You Do it?

Couples Coaching is a process in which I work with both of you together to help you address some of the relationship challenges you are facing. It is a space for you and your partner to work through conflict, rediscover what you love about one another while exploring the things that are creating distance. You also get to come together to dream about your future and create a plan to help bring that vision to life.


Rebuild Your Connection

Intimacy manifests in many different ways  – Couples coaching helps you explore the role intimacy plays in the relationship, allowing a creative space to connect with each other in new and exciting ways. During our work together, you will:

  • Become more mindful of each other’s needs and the needs of the relationship
  • Reconnect to who you were when you fell in love, and also to who you both are now
  • Learn how to really be attuned to what the other’s emotions are and help you to really hear each other without the noise of old baggage
  • Bring romance back into your life

Improve Your Communication

Communication is a critical component to a healthy relationship, though it often becomes an afterthought when life gets busy. I’m sure you have sensed it when communication is lacking between you and your partner – you might have felt less appreciated or less understood, which probably made you feel less compelled to communicate. Do you see the cycle here? During couples coaching, we will focus on what healthy communication looks and feels like for you and your partner. You learn how to:

  • Use tools for better communication
  • Understand what may be taking place for each of you and be able to express it in a safe space
  • De-escalate conflicts and improve conflict resolution


Work Together to Create a Life You Love

During the beginning of your relationship, you probably fantasized about what life would be like with your partner. You daydreamed about the future, envisioning all the wonderful adventures you would have together. Why did you stop doing that? As a coach, one of my primary roles is to help you create the future you want to have. When you engage in couples coaching, this process is a co-creation that you and your partner develop together. Together, you get to:

  • Explore both of your (and your partner’s) life goals and vision for your life together
  • Learn how to support your partner in their goals, and teach your partner how to support you in yours
  • Work through parenting issues and learn how to make your relationship a priority again


Getting Started

Couples Coaching is designed for couple who is looking to build or rebuild the communication and intimacy in the relationship. It is intended for couples who:

  • Are going through a time of disconnection who want to re-connect and rebuild their relationship
  • Have a strong relationship already and are looking to make it stronger
  • May be going through a high conflict issue or issues and need significant help to address and find resolution or intervention to save their relationship
  • Have recently gone through some significant life changes/transitions and are looking to co-create a new life plan together

If you’re in a partnership and are looking to improve your communication, build your connection, and help your relationship thrive, let’s talk. Click the button below to set up a consultation.

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