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Consulting For Therapists

Consulting For Therapists & Counselors

The life of a therapist in private practice can be challenging. You probably feel isolated and lonely, without having a team to bounce ideas off of, collaborate with, or turn to for support. Plus, there are the added complications of being an entrepreneur. You need to know how to run your practice like a business, including marketing, business plans, strategies, and budgets. If you’re like most helpers and healers, this is not what you had in mind when you picked this career. We have a lot of experience and due to this offer consulting for therapists.

A Business Mentor, Coach, and Advisor

As a former corporate executive and lawyer who made a mid-life career change to become a Psychotherapist and a Certified Coach, I have leveraged my business acumen to build two thriving practices. I provide consultation services for therapists who are looking for concrete help as a business owner in private practice or consultation with their clinical work. Using my years of experience in business, I leverage that insight to act as your strategic thought-partner, trusted advisor, sounding board, and confidante to help you make informed decisions and build a thriving business.

You’ve spent so much time getting to this point in your career – grad school, internships, licensure exams or certification programs. It is time to be that successful business owner so you can create the practice you love.

When we work together, we can focus on a variety of business needs that might be challenging you, including developing a business plan and/or growth strategy, identifying your niche or providing clinical consultation for difficult cases, and identifying opportunities for career development.

Common Areas I Consult With Therapists About

Are you building a therapy practice?

Running a private practice can feel so overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. I help therapists who operate solo or group private practices build thriving practices. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been around for a decade, my consulting services can help you grow and expand your practice.

Are you working with a difficult client and in need of a clinical consultation?

We all need some extra support on tough cases sometimes. I offer clinical consultation to licensed therapists in the areas of individual therapy, couples therapy, divorce therapy, narcissism, infidelity, trauma, adult survivors of sexual abuse and parenting/co-parenting therapy. I do not offer supervision or consultation to pre-licensed therapists at this time.

Are you feeling burnt out as a therapist and wondering about other options?

The skills of a therapist are transferable to many other areas of work. I help therapists who are curious about other career opportunities identify innovative ways to use their clinical skills outside of the therapy room.

If any of these areas of practical concern are on your mind, I can help. My clinical consultations are open and I bring my range of experiences to bear in our discussions. As a current therapist, but also an entrepreneur, former attorney, and corporate professional, the needs of small business owners run deep. I help my clients find productive ways through their challenges so they can get back to the work they love.

If you’re ready to schedule a consultation over phone or skype please visit my contact page so we can schedule an appointment together.

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