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Babita’s Bio

The Story of Babita Spinelli


Many people have asked me how did you do it? I reflected. Here it is – Many years ago as a young girl, my grandparents would host Sunday breakfast for 10. It was an international breakfast consistently served at 9am. Although there were the “usual suspects”, the guest list was ever evolving from authors to singers to corporate lawyers, shop owners and artists. Each of these guests brought their unique stories, life experiences perspectives to the table. The “Breakfast club” continued for years and as I relished every morsel of delicious international cuisine served, I embraced the perspectives, wisdom and resolutions of each guest’s personal challenges and obstacles. I had no idea how much this would impact me.

And then I “grew up” with my own set of evolving life situations and challenges- feeling stuck personally and professionally, divorce, loss, parenting, career frustrations and changes …and as the flow of life moved, sometimes with harsh strong waves and other times calm and serene, I met, addressed and moved forward from each passing situation. I dove into therapy, coaching and my own research and tools to be where I am today – fulfilled, happy and successful in my own version of what that means and continuously inspired by life and my clients.

The Specifics

  • New York University
  • Temple University School of Law
  • National Institute for the Psychotherapies: Five-year Advanced program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis.
  • National Institute for the Psychotherapies: Clinical Training with Individuals and Couples.
  • EMDR Level 1 and Level 2 Training
  • National Institute for the Psychotherapies/Coursework Adult Survivors of Abuse
  • Collaborative Divorce Certification
  • Gottman Level 1 and Level 2
  • Gottman Bringing Baby Home Certified Educator and Facilitator
  • Certified SYMBIS Pre-Marital Coach & Facilitator
  • Coach Training Alliance- Certified Coach
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples’ coursework.
  • Integrative Mind-Body Training and supervision under Dr. Henry Grayson
  • Mott Hall Charter School: School Counselor/Psychotherapist – Provided counseling for middle school and created a unique program combining athletics and therapy for boys and girls.
  • Private Practice NYC and NJ

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