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Babita Saved Our Marriage

Babita - September 24, 2020 - 0 comments

Allie & Gary

Allie & Gary came to me at a time when they were ready to sign divorce papers. They were separated and decided to give their marriage one last shot. Here are their words…

Babita Saved Our Marriage

When we first began couples coaching we were ready to sign divorce papers, could barely look at each other, and felt like there was no hope for our marriage. Babita saved our marriage.   We were at a loss; we truly believed our marriage was over, but we gave it one last shot. We both were extremely skeptical and hesitant but after meeting Babita, we became more and more open-minded.

Working with Babita was by far one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.  She had a remarkable way of helping us get to the truth of our struggles while always remaining warm and understanding. We never felt like she took sides or judged us. She had us do individual and couple exercises, which proved to be very healing. Having seen other therapists over the years both individually and as a couple, we can confidently say that Babita is by far in a realm of her own. She is truly incredible at what she does.

It is hard work; there is no denying that. Looking back, we cannot even believe how far we have come in our marriage. We are happy and that is something we both did not think was possible. If you have an open mind and are committed to rolling up your sleeves, Babita absolutely has the power to transform your life. She was one of the greatest things we have ever done for our marriage and we will be grateful to her always.

When first seeing Babita, she took the time to really get to know us as individuals and as a couple. She was able to help guide us through exercises and deep self-reflection to get to the truth about what caused our marriage to fall apart. She showed compassion and by doing so, helped us to show each other and ourselves compassion as well. We both have very busy schedules and Babita was always very flexible in taking the time to find times that would work for all of us; we were even able to do some sessions online when unable to make it to the office.

When we got to the point when we were ready to transition out of couples work we were terrified. Will we be able to maintain this new, healthy relationship without working with Babita every week? And the answer is yes. She was able to help us put the past behind us by learning how to understand where the other person is coming from. She taught us how to take a breath, and communicate and respect our needs as individuals and as a couple. We have a new vocabulary- one that we are able to refer to on a daily basis when things get difficult.

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